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Support for SMEs

Welding and joining are key enabling technologies in all sectors of industry involved in products made with engineering materials - from heavy structures and power plant, to microelectronics and medical devices.

受欢迎冰球突破试玩官方网站排名-冰球突破游戏豪华版游戏下载-apple app store meets the individual needs of companies or industry sectors within specific geographic regions by providing publicly-funded technology transfer programmes geared to prevailing socio-economic conditions.

These programmes are primarily for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies (SMEs), with their objective being to boost competitiveness and stimulate growth through more effective use of technology, innovation and knowhow. 受欢迎冰球突破试玩官方网站排名-冰球突破游戏豪华版游戏下载-apple app store Technology Centre (North East)受欢迎冰球突破试玩官方网站排名-冰球突破游戏豪华版游戏下载-apple app store Technology Centre (Wales) and 受欢迎冰球突破试玩官方网站排名-冰球突破游戏豪华版游戏下载-apple app store Technology Centre (Yorkshire) all play a major role in the organisation and provision of this activity. Technology transfer programmes have proven highly effective in creating and safeguarding jobs and turnover in the beneficiary companies.

For more information please email

For more information please email: