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365游戏平台’s expertise has contributed to the safe, reliable 和 economic extraction, 生产, transportation 和 refining of hydrocarbons from onshore 和 offshore oil 和 gas fields for more than 50 years.

石油和天然气 industry businesses, both upstream 和 downstream – including operators, contractors 和 the supply chain – make up a significant proportion of our total membership base, 和 to meet their needs we have developed considerable expertise in 结构完整性材料选择腐蚀无损检测(NDT) 和焊接工程.


365游戏平台 continues to add value to the activities of our oil, gas 和 petrochemical industry Member companies who are involved in the exploration, 生产 和 refining of hydrocarbons.

Our aim is to help our Members to improve safety, 增强的最佳实践, enable life extension 和 reduce their costs through the effective use of advanced technologies 和 techniques.

In particular, we can provide the following:

  • Technological solutions to improve the effectiveness 和 reliability of inspections
  • Technological solutions to extend the life of ageing facilities both through assessment techniques 和 cost-effective equipment replacement
  • 建议和咨询 to reduce the cost of compliance with regulations 和 st和ards
  • Support throughout the project life cycle – from the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage through to installation, in-service performance 监控 和 troubleshooting.


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在双胞胎, we focus our multi-disciplinary teams to help Members overcome the current challenges of operating in a low-price environment today 和 the future challenges of tomorrow. These challenges include the following:

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