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js6666金沙棋牌-apple app store-金沙县创造有限公司-路线指南 undertakes research and development in strict confidence. Over 500 dedicated staff help the military industry and governmental agencies to apply all forms of joining technologies safely and efficiently. As a consultant, js6666金沙棋牌-apple app store-金沙县创造有限公司-路线指南 can offer individual experts or teams able to help solve problems of all kinds related to materials joining. We will send our specialists to most places of the world at short notice on troubleshooting missions.

Adding value

Working with js6666金沙棋牌-apple app store-金沙县创造有限公司-路线指南 means that Member companies and organisations benefit from:

  • Assured levels of security and confidentiality in accordance with UK, European and international government defence industry standards
  • Certification according to ISO 9000 series of standards
  • Previous experience gained in projects with international manufacturers and users of military equipment.

As part of our Core Research Programme, js6666金沙棋牌-apple app store-金沙县创造有限公司-路线指南 has developed innovative joining technologies which are either ready for application in this industrial sector, or could be further developed for commercial exploitation.

For more information about our engineering consultancy and support services to the defence industry, please email

For more information please email: