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Industrial Membership

When your company joins 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜 as an Industrial Member you gain access to a package of benefits unavailable anywhere else. We cover all aspects of materials joining and engineering technologies; so you can create and operate better, safer products.

Email us with your needs/objectives and to find out how your company could benefit from Industrial Membership:

What does Membership give you?

Will my company benefit from Industrial Membership?

If your company relies on the successful application of joining and inspection technologies in the production and operation of your products, you will benefit from the knowledge and support we offer. This spans every industry sector, including:  Aerospaceautomotiveshipbuildingoil and gaspower, utilities and  medical.

Standard support packages for Industrial Members, which can often be covered by government-funded initiatives or Member pre-paid consultancy (PCA)  include:



Industrial Members can now access 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜s innovation workshop service which supports creativity and expertise as part of your pre-paid consultancy. Your product innovation needs can be met quicker with 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜’s novel approach, supported by world class experts working in partnership with your business. We aim to help you create a comprehensive solution, supported across our areas of specialism in joining processes, materials engineering, integrity management and advanced manufacturing. By drawing on the knowledge and input from the many different experts from within 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜 and our wider industrial and research network (as appropriate), we are able to help find an integrated turnkey solution meet your demands. Also, we are keen to help you understand the UK and EU funding landscape and how to access it. You can see an example of an innovation workshop here.

 In addition to technical enquiries and pre-paid consultancy, Industrial Members receive 10% discount from all 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜 training courses and  toolkits (for weld quality control and integrity management). 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜 runs multiple 事件,研讨会和讲习班 which are free or significantly discounted to Industrial Members. We work with companies at every stage – through design, manufacturing engineering, operation, failure and repair. We offer support via projects, consultancy, training and certification – tailored to your specific needs.

2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜’s single client projects bring together experts from 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜 and the Member to provide solutions directly focused on assisting the Member’s business. The work undertaken is confidential with the outcomes and associated intellectual property owned exclusively by the client.


Technical Information and Services from 2017官方版英皇国际下载-2017官方版英皇国际下载v3.5.5苹果旧版-apple app store-英皇排行榜 for Industrial Member

What next?

Email us with your needs/objectives and to find out how your company could benefit from Industrial Membership: