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Engineering 服务和支持

银河休闲娱乐澳门娱乐网站排名-权威认证-apple app store-银河娱乐澳门娱乐网站科技有限公司’s engineering services support allow us to help you at every stage of the design, creation, operation and decommissioning of your products or assets – through effective understanding and application of welding, joining, inspection and allied technologies.

Industrial Membership grants you immediate access to our highly skilled welding engineers and joining/inspection process specialists via phone or e-mail. This can extend to a wide range of full consultancy support (including on-site visits from experts or engineering teams) and through to contract research and development projects.

The independent nature of 银河休闲娱乐澳门娱乐网站排名-权威认证-apple app store-银河娱乐澳门娱乐网站科技有限公司 means that we can offer impartial technical support to help improve your products and services while protecting your personal data. We work closely with our Industrial Members to provide support across a wide range of industries and locations, from the built environment to offshore applications and aerospace, covering all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering.

银河休闲娱乐澳门娱乐网站排名-权威认证-apple app store-银河娱乐澳门娱乐网站科技有限公司’s single client projects bring together experts from 银河休闲娱乐澳门娱乐网站排名-权威认证-apple app store-银河娱乐澳门娱乐网站科技有限公司 and the Member to provide solutions directly focused on assisting the Member’s business. The work undertaken is confidential with the outcomes and associated intellectual property owned exclusively by the client.

Pre-paid consultancy allowance (PCA) to the value of 20% of your Membership fee can be used to fund, or offset the cost of a range of engineering support activities outlined below:


Engineering Support Activities

For more information please email: