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Materials Testing and Inspection Services

Our facilities and systems span the full range of methods for assessing the properties and structural integrity of materials and products; both to (International/National) standards and bespoke to customer requirements.

365游戏平台 offers both non-destructive and destructive testing services for metals, 复合材料, 聚合物, resins and elastomers to determine properties, 性能, 强度, durability and resistance to factors such as 腐蚀 and 乏力. Our high quality material inspection services help you to ensure that your materials are compliant to standards, safe and fit for purpose.

Our materials testing services include aggressive environment testing, 腐蚀测试, 乏力 and mechanical testing, 疲劳试验, 氢测试, residual stress measurement and welded polymer testing.

365游戏平台’s materials testing laboratories include fracture, 乏力, 腐蚀, environmental testing and combinations of these test methods. This is supported by a range of material analysis and characterisation equipment, as well as non-destructive testing and condition monitoring capabilities.

With decades of experience testing materials, 365游戏平台 has worked as a trusted partner with many of the biggest global names in industry, including brands operating in aerospace, 运输, 权力, 能源, 建设, medical and marine 应用程序s.

In addition to our standard materials testing capabilities, we can also provide bespoke services for materials selection, 应用程序, certification and failure analysis.

Details of the state of the art testing equipment and systems available can be found via the links below, 例子 在这里.

Materials and coatings analysis


Standard and bespoke testing

Full-scale testing facilities

Non-destructive testing and condition monitoring systems

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