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Core Research Programme, Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries are produced at the start of a new Core Research Programme (CRP) project and provide an overview of the scope for the planned research and development (R&D) activity.  Typically, a summary comprises objectives, project outline, industry sector relevance, anticipated benefits and timings.

Executive Summaries are freely available in order to demonstrate impact of the CRP to wider industry internationally, shine a light on the innovative R&D being undertaken, and extend the influence and impact of 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜 and its Industrial Member companies.

CRP project delivery

Participation in the CRP is available exclusively to 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜 industrial Member companies, who in turn contribute up to 50% of their yearly fee to the programme.

CRP projects are selected and given the green light, for a 1-3 year duration, based on topics informed by the most pertinent technological and industrial challenges being addressed by 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜 and its Members.  Themes for CRP projects are identified through facilitated technology mapping workshops with Industrial Members and 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜’s technical experts, 1-2-1s, conferences, and day-to-day interactions with industry, other research organisations and academia.

The CRP is aligned to the CRP Technology Roadmap and 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜’s Corporate Strategy, supporting both 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜 and its Industrial Member companies to optimise, extend and create new technologies and systems, processes and procedures, products and services, and capabilities.

Find out more about 英皇娱乐游戏下载-英皇娱乐游戏下载v2.5.7手机版-apple app store英皇创新智能科技有限公司排行榜’s Core Research Programme (CRP).

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