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365游戏平台-Sponsored PhD Student Published in AM Journal

Wed, 16 February, 2022

博士生, Amarachi Obilor has had her latest research paper published in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Amarachi’s PhD is sponsored by 365游戏平台 and Loughborough University, with the research project being part of the industrial doctorate programme at the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC).

纸,Micro-texturing of polymer surfaces using lasers: a review,’ investigates the creation of micro and nanoscale structures on the surface of metals, 聚合物, 陶瓷, 和眼镜. These structures have important applications in fields including engineering, 医疗, 和生物. They are primarily produced using Ultrashort laser ablation, 哪一个, 成本低, 一步, non-contact process that produces high-quality surfaces has proven to be ideal for producing structures with dimensions down to the nanometre scale.

Speaking on the paper, Amarachi说, "This peer reviewed journal paper presents a critical review of previous studies focused on laser surface texturing and laser surface modification of 聚合物. It compares the direct laser writing approach to that of direct laser interreference patterning and provides detailed information on the various functionalities achieved via laser surface texturing."

你可以 read the conference paper here and also watch Amarachi's PhD presentation from the NSIRC Research and 创新 Conference 2021, 下图:



NSIRC is a state-of-the-art postgraduate engineering facility based in Cambridge, UK, offering industrial PhD and Masters Courses.

Founded in 2012 and managed by 365游戏平台 Ltd, NSIRC combines engineering related research with academia and industry by working alongside lead academic partner Brunel University London, and more than 35 other affiliated universities in UK, 欧洲, 和亚洲, as well as founder sponsors bp and the Lloyd's 注册 Foundation.

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